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The need for change in the industry

La Sabbia’s key Philosophy is Transparency, quality and experienced professional management. With this successful investment strategy, we provide clients with quality investments that have realistic objectives that are constructed according to the clients mandate and associated risk profile.

La Sabbia has a passion for clients to believe and understand their investment strategy that is conceived from their financial situation, time horizon and lifestyle goals. By providing a premium customer service relationship through experienced advisers that guide clients through the complicated and diverse world of investments, to build and created the asset allocation suited to each client.

La Sabbia’s

La Sabbia’s

Investment Philosophy

La Sabbia Investments believes that sustained growth drives returns on risk assets and is the key to outperformance. Companies that can consistently compound growth at a rate in excess of nominal GDP growth across a five to ten-year horizon will typically (but not always) be undervalued by the market. La Sabbia also believes that ‘quality’ protects against downside.

Quality being defined as high margin, high ROE/ROC companies with strong balance sheets and earnings streams that can withstand economic shocks. A equity portfolio constructed on La Sabbia’s ‘quality growth’ characteristics has the capacity to deliver above market returns at below benchmark risks.


La Sabbia Investments have developed a unique strategy of combining both “passive” (index) and “active” (bottom up, stock selection) investing to find a “sweet spot” in the market for investing. The combination of looking for quality assets, value and low volatility is the backbone behind La Sabbia’s quality mix portfolio construction and is the reason for its success in recent times.

La Sabbia’s


La Sabbia’s

Investment Board

La Sabbia’s investment board engages a privately owned, external asset consultant along with La Sabbia’s partners to review the economic environment and global investment markets so that proactive and timely decisions can be made on behalf of our clients.

The investment board meets quarterly to discuss the portfolio construction of our core global multi asset class portfolios and ensures each portfolio is in line with clients risk profiles and risk is managed appropriately given changing macro global conditions.

La Sabbia’s


LA SABBIA Investments

Privately Owned

We believe clients are looking for more control, transparency and simplicity in their investments. La Sabbia believes that the current industry is conflicted and influenced in giving advice to clients which has been highlighted in the recent FOFA reforms.

We believe by positioning ourselves as a wealth company whose advice is without influence is a significant advantage for our clients as it provides them with a truly client first, best interest offering.


Being a privately owned organisation gives us freedom from outside control or support; unfortunately, this is not applied to the wider financial advice market. The majority of financial planners/wealth managers in Australia are aligned in some way to various financial product providers.

La Sabbia Investments is not owned by fund managers, insurers, banks or product providers therefore the advice we provide to our clients is not influenced by a fee, which allows La Sabbia Investments to provide advice that will always be in the clients’ best interest.

La Sabbia’s

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